First Lesbian Encounter

Laura and Clara have been friends since childhood. They have attended the same school as they are neighbors. In class, they sit together as they help each other in doing their assignments. Their friendship is known by everyone including the teachers and their parents. Their parents encourage their friendship as it is beneficial.

Clara visits Laura at home more often. Laura has three siblings hence the place is more accommodating unlike that of Clara who happens to be the only kid at their home. Clara, Laura, and her siblings use the toys available to play many games. Been teenagers, Laura and Clara, are soon getting away from the little games of other children. They take more time reading as they have advanced into upper classes and needed to give studies more attention.

On this Saturday afternoon, Clara visits Laura at her home so that they can have a group discussion. Their parents are out at work and will be back late in the evening. The two girls have fun and then proceed to have a group discussion. After they have read for a few minutes, they get bored and move to the bed to play the brick game. Clara introduces a game while they are in bed. She covers Laura’s face with a mask and tells her to wait for a surprise. Clara proceeds to kiss Laura, a thing that angers her. Laura is however accommodative of her friend and lets it go. After a few minutes, Clara is starring at her brick game, and Laura surprises her with a kiss.

The girls jokingly say its sweet and decide to try it again. They kiss for a while before talking to each other. The two girls have loved it and are now doing it continuously. Laura rushes to close her bedroom door in fear that her siblings may come in unexpected. Clara is already in the sheets when Laura comes back. Laura joins her under the sheets. They continue kissing for a while before Clara starts touching her friend’s boobs. Laura feels excited and starts unbuttoning her blouse and removes her bra. Clara gets aroused too and takes off her dress. The two ladies are already in the mood. They continue kissing wildly while touching each other’s boobs and genitals.

The experience of the two girls is amazing, and they are still in the mood. They suck each other’s boobs before getting down to their partner. They lick each other continuously until Laura reaches her orgasm and gets too weak. Clara gets going on her till she realizes her friend is now dry. They both put on their clothes and lie on the bed as if nothing has happened, all the while excited over their first lesbian experience.

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