Honest Relationship

When you get a little bit older, you soon realise that you are involved in all sorts of relationships. Stop and think about it for a minute, and I am sure that you could list a whole host of relationships in your life. What is the one secret to keeping all of these relationships on the straight and narrow?

Making clear rules which are black and white, is the easiest solutions. I do that in every part of my life even at London escorts. Relationship problems occur when we don’t know what to expect from each other. I have had rows with the other girls at London escorts about the most trivial things. Most of the time, it has been about dates. For instance, sometimes you will find that gents will start date another girl at our London escorts agency. That is something that just happens, and there could be a variety of reasons. But, blaming or shouting at your friend at London escorts does not work. You don’t own the man, and the rule of the agency is that he can date who ever he likes. He does not have to date you.I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment, but if I did, I am sure that we would have some relationship rules.

The rules can be s simple as nominating one person do make the coffee in the morning, or the laundry on certain days. You could say that I am pretty “high demand” sort of person. I work long hours at London escorts, and I actually need someone who can actively participate in a relationship. Working for a London escorts service means long hours and hard work, so I don’t expect to have to do everything when I come home.When you stop and think about it, you will soon realise that you have had relationship rules all of your life. It starts when you are young and living with your mom and dad. They make up rules and tell you when you need to be home.

Some of the girls at London escorts hate rules, but they are with us all of the time. Could you imagine driving a car through the streets of London without rules and laws? It is bad as it is but that would just be terrible.I personally think that the clearer rules are, black and white if you like, the easier life becomes. When you are going into a new relationship, I think that it is important you talk about rules. I don’t get annoyed when someone wants to discuss rules because along with rules comes responsibility. It is a little bit like London escorts. I know that I am responsible for certain things, and I just get on with it.

When you are with me, the rule is that I bring you pleasure and satisfaction. Now, that is what I call a good black and white rule. What do you think? I am sure that you like the idea of that rule.

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