I am willing to do everything I could to my love

Someone like London escort is all I ever wanted. She is the best person for me. The one that I truly aiming in life. Ever since I met her I knew that I had feelings for her. She makes my life as easy as it is. Having her with me gives me more than anything can. She is the most important person in my life now. She means the world to me. To have someone like he makes me feel better. I do not know what life means without her. There is no one aside her. London escort is the first person who stole my heart and for me I would do anything for her. London escort is a kind of descent woman. She is the person who loves to make me feel better. I would do anything for her. I would do what she loves me to do. London escort gives the best as she can to provide me the happiness that I really want. So many years I feel so alone. Growing up in a messy family is so hard for me to do so. I can’t stop thinking of them anyway. Why of all people i was the one who experience this kind of maltreatment? I was really happy since Jenny becomes our neighbour. The first time I saw her she really caught my attention. Her beauty is really mesmerizing. I love being with her. Good thing is that Jenny and I become good friends. Before she became a London escort, we used to have a mutual understand but were cut off since she and her family migrated back to London for a matter. I heard that her grandma was really sick and in need of financial assistance. I never had chance to say goodbye to her, it really broke my heart. I keep thinking of her, say and night. I do not know what happened to her since then. We have no communication right after. I worked hard to finish my studies. My feelings for her have never gone. So many years I heard that she works as a London escort now since my close friend see her when he went to the place. He told me that Jenny is one of the beautiful and famous London escort there. I was really excited that she had a stable life in London. I really wanted to see her. I want to be with her as fast as possible. And then I really waited for this day to come. I really want to see my girl for so long. I really hope that she is still single that time. I want to let her know my feelings ever since. I look for her when I got to the place; she is still beautiful as ever. I want to be with her in that very moment. I love how she has become. And then the time has come, I and London escort didn’t notice because of our excitement that we had kissed each other right away.

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